The farm “L’ACERO ROSSO” was founded on March 1995 by Valter Camol, with the purpose of cultivating and selling plants.
Nowadays it is a dynamic multifunctional company which deals with plants, garden maintenance for both private and public customers, garden design and creation of parks and gardens and, at the same time, it is an agriturismo, didactic farm and social farm, integrating its whole activity with an eco-friendly, organic approach.
L’ACERO ROSSO” is located in Sacile (via dei Masi 38/a) and is surrounded by a 24 hectares land, of which 5000 sq.m. are covered by vegetation. It extends over a peninsula which is delimited by two rivers, where you can enjoy an impressive view of the landscape. In this ground animals and plants of many species live together, from horses to geese and pigs, to ornamental and aromatic medicinal plants. You can also enjoy 3000 sq.m. of vegetable garden, flowering shrubs and timber tree.
This is a place where a wealth of wildlife finds its natural habitat respecting biodiversity.

L'Acero Rosso - Via Dei Masi, 38/A - 33077 Sacile (PN) - Tel. +39 0434 72376 o +39 366 6155798 - e-mail: info@acerorosso.net o agriturismo@acerorosso.net
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