We offer outdoor and indoor activities which range from oriental practice courses, which help restoring the harmony between body and mind, to phytotherapy and botany courses, whether you are a beginner or an expert and want to learn notions and techniques about sustainable agriculture. In addition, you can take a guided tour of our nursery, where you can discover a wide variety of ornamental plants to decorate your garden and other spaces, such as offices, festivals or fairs. You can also attend our courses to learn how to collect and cook organic herbs: our skilled teachers will stimulate your passion for cooking. If you are fond of cosmetics you can participate in workshops where you will have the possibility of transforming medicinal plants and vegetable garden products into cosmetic products through. We organize excursions to make you discover neighbouring places in Friuli and mountain hikes to admire pristine, breathtaking landscapes on the Alps, whether you are an expert hiker or you want to enjoy the attractions of our region with a tourist guide, who tells a story which is often forgotten. We want to offer a wide range of those activities which help you restore your energy and well-being in a pristine, relaxing environment.
In the NEWS section of our website you can find the complete list of the activities we offer and information about how to subscribe and participate.

 natural methods which restore the traditions of our region


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